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How to Use Whole Life Insurance as Collateral

We receive many calls and comments asking how to use whole life insurance as collateral for a loan. If this interests you, keep reading. If you want to start a business or borrow money for another purpose, you could get help from an unexpected source: your life...

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Why Use Whole Life Insurance for Retirement

If you are like most hard-working Americans, you’ve likely developed a strategy for your retirement using traditional retirement plans like a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or even a Roth IRA. Each of these plans makes sense for retirement because they force the account holder...

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Penn Mutual Life Insurance Review

Penn Mutual is a mutual Life Insurance company, which means that it only answers to policyholders, not shareholders. This way, the company can focus on making decisions for its customers without having to look out for investors' needs. Easy Article Navigation About...

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Whole Life Insurance – Quick Consumer’s Guide

Of all the different types of life insurance products available, Whole Life insurance is considered to be a foundational product. Also known to many as “ordinary life” or “straight life”, whole life has been surpassed by newer products that will provide the same...

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Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance | Company Review

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance - Company Review Although life insurance is a critical step to protect your loved ones when you’re no longer there, it’s also a critical strategy to implement when planning for retirement. With tax and spend legislators growing the...

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Retirement Planning – What is a 702(j) Plan?

You probably don't know what a 702(j) account is, but that's okay. It's one of those wacky marketing names you'll be hard-pressed to find discussed in financial advice columns or retirement planning blogs. Easy Article Navigation   What is a 702(j) Retirement Plan?...

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What is Infinite Banking? – Be your Own Bank

Infinite banking is a new approach to finance that lets you become your own bank. This method has been developed by economist Nelson Nash and gives you the flexibility to access your money anytime by borrowing from yourself and paying back into the account. "Banking...

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How to Minimize Taxes in Retirement – 5 Important Ways!

Do yourself a favor and learn how to Minimize Taxes in Retirement. Smart tax decisions can have a considerable impact on how much money retirees will have in the golden years. One of the best ways to boost returns for clients, according to a study published by...

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Solid Strategies for a Tax Free Retirement

Does the idea of a tax-free retirement sound appealing? If so, you're not alone.  With taxes on your income and investments as well as an ever-increasing life expectancy, it's more important than ever to know how to avoid paying taxes when you retire.  This article...

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Remarkable! Use Permanent Life Insurance in Retirement

How to use permanent life insurance in retirement planning. Once you become an empty-nester and had your mortgage-burning party, you might decide that you don't have to keep your life insurance anymore. Maybe, or maybe not. If your life insurance was purchased solely...

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