​Life insurance is primarily known for the death benefit it will pay to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. This death benefit can be the difference between your surviving loved ones being able to continue their standard of living or dealing with financial devastation.

There are, however, many individuals and families who rely on life insurance to accumulate wealth over time that can be accessed whenever needed and for any reason. By combining wealth accumulation with life insurance coverage, the constraints normally associated with the IRS will not diminish the policyholder’s ability to accumulate the wealth needed for retirement.

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American National Insurance Company (ANICO) was established in the early 1900s and has grown over time into a well-known and well-respected member of the insurance industry and as such, ANICO policyholders can expect a long-term relationship with the company.

ANICO is one of many companies that offer a broad selection of insurance products that include the following:


Life Insurance Annuities
Health InsuranceProperty & CasualtyCommercial
Whole Life InsuranceFixed Deferred AnnuityMedicare SupplementHomeownersProperty
Term Life InsuranceSingle Premium DeferredRecovery CareCondo OwnersLiability
Universal LifeIndex DefferedLimited Care InsuranceRentersWorkers Comp
Indexed Universal LifeCritical Illness PlansCondo RentersCommercial Auto
Guaranteed ULAccident InsuranceAutoPension Plans
Classic AutoAgribusiness
Recreational Insurance
Specialty Products

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on ANICO’s Life Insurance products.


American National Insurance Company Financial Ratings

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Financial ratings matter. Anytime you begin a financial relationship with an insurance company, you agreeing to a simple contract: the company will promise to pay a covered claim if you promise to pay the insurance premium.

Certainly, it’s logical that an insurance shopper knows the financial condition of any company they are considering to contract with. After all, isn’t the most important part of the relationship whether or not the company you choose will be financially viable over the decades of your relationship?

Here are then financial and service ratings for ANICO

Rating Company Current Rating
A.M. Best A (assigned November 2019)
Standard & Poor’s A (assigned August 2019)


American National Insurance Signature Term Insurance


ANICO’s Signature Term Insurance is a typical term policy that is fully-underwritten to establish the most affordable rates.

The eligible ages for purchasing Signature Term is 18 to 70-years old with available in terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30-years. All Signature Term policies include the Accelerated Benefit riders and are convertible to permanent insurance without proof of insurability.

Here are ANICO quotes for $20 year $250,000 term policy for a very healthy male and female:

Age of Applicant Male Non-Smoker Female Non-Smoker
25 $13.61 $12.31
30 $14.06 $12.96
35 $15.12 $14.04
40 $19.87 $17.71
45 $29.16 $23.98
50 $43.20 $34.78


ANICO Signature Whole Life Insurance


American National’s Whole Life Insurance provides the benefits and guarantees that American consumers have become accustomed to in a life insurance policy that provides coverage for a lifetime.

Whole Life Feature Whole Life Benefit
Lifetime Insurance Coverage Your insurance company cannot cancel your whole life insurance policy for any reason other than non-payment of premium.
Level Premiums Once your whole life policy is issued, ANICO cannot increase your premium for any reason. Even if you become critically ill or have to live in a nursing home, your premium will not change.
Cash Value Life Insurance Your whole life insurance policy will build cash value over time that earns tax-deferred interest specified by the company. You can access your cash value for any reason via policy loans, withdrawals, or surrender.


Since the ANICO Whole Life Insurance policy is a participating policy, policyholders can share in company profits by way of dividends that can be used to reduce future premium payments, purchase additional paid-up insurance, or taken as cash

CLICK HERE for American National’s Signature Whole Life Insurance consumer brochure.


Universal Life Insurance


Similar to whole life insurance, Universal Life insurance provides permanent life insurance that will financially protect surviving loved ones. With premiums generally less than whole life, universal life insurance provides a lifetime death benefit with a cash accumulation component that can be accessed for any reason and at any time funds are available.

The highlights of ANICO’s Universal Life Insurance are as follows:

  • Flexible premium payments that can be adjusted to accommodate life events.
  • The ability to increase or decrease the policy’s death benefit when circumstances change over time.
  • Emergency cash at your fingertips accumulates over time at an interest rate specified in the insurance contract.
  • Optional insurance riders that allow you to customize your insurance policy and broaden your coverage.


ANICO Signature Indexed Universal Life


Anindexed universal life policy(IUL) is permanent life insurance that provides a guaranteed death benefit along with a cash accumulation account. The cash accumulation account can earn tax-deferred interest from a fixed account or can be linked to the performance of multiple index accounts.

This type of insurance policy is frequently used in a LIRP (life insurance retirement plan) because an IUL is not subject to the same rules and limitations associated with a 401(k) and IRA.

The interest earned is on a tax-deferred basis and can be withdrawn via policy loans which are not taxed as personal income. These loan withdrawals do not have to be repaid by the policyholder since the insurance company can deduct outstanding loans from the death benefit, thereby creating a non-taxable income stream for the policyholder.

Interested consumers should review the Signature IUL brochure for complete information about ANICO’s Signature Indexed Universal Life.


ANICO Signature Guaranteed Universal Life


The Signature Guaranteed Universal Life product was designed for consumers who wanted a guaranteed death benefit first, but also the ability to cash-out of the policy if their needs changed because of life events.

Similar to the Signature Universal Life Product, the Guaranteed UL policy comes with the same living benefits and optional riders:

  • Accelerated benefit for terminal illness
  • Accelerated benefit for critical illness
  • Accelerated benefit for chronic illness
  • Disability waiver of premium
  • Children’s term rider



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