OneAmerica is a leading provider of life insurance products, including term and whole life policies. The company offers a wide range of educational materials and tools on its website to help consumers make informed decisions about their life insurance needs. 

Unfortunately, information on its website about OneAmerica’s individual life insurance policies is somewhat limited, making it difficult to compare the company to other insurers.

Fortunately, since OneAmerica is one of the top providers of whole life insurance, we feel very comfortable sharing information about OneAmerica. 

About OneAmerica


History and Establishment of the Company

Founded over a century ago, OneAmerica has established itself as a pillar in the American financial services sector. Its inception dates back to the early 20th century, originating from a vision to provide a security net for working individuals and their families.

Over the decades, OneAmerica has evolved, expanding its footprint beyond its initial scope, yet maintaining its core values and commitment to its founding principles. This progression not only marks the resilience and adaptability of the company but also mirrors the dynamic landscape of financial services in America.

Core Business and Services Offered

At its core, OneAmerica is synonymous with providing a diverse range of financial products and services. These offerings primarily encompass life insurance, retirement services, and asset management. Each of these sectors represents a cornerstone of OneAmerica’s business model, tailored to meet the nuanced needs of its clients.

The life insurance division offers a safety net for individuals and families, ensuring financial stability in unforeseen circumstances. In contrast, the retirement services arm focuses on long-term financial planning, helping clients navigate the complexities of retirement savings. Lastly, the asset management sector underscores OneAmerica’s expertise in investment strategies, offering robust solutions for wealth accumulation and preservation.

Company Size and Scope

OneAmerica’s growth trajectory is a testament to its enduring presence in the financial sector. Today, the company stands as a significant employer, with a workforce that spans a wide range of expertise and experience. This diverse team is the driving force behind OneAmerica’s operations, which are spread across multiple locations in the United States.

The company’s expansive network not only speaks to its size but also to its commitment to being accessible to a broad demographic. The geographical spread ensures that OneAmerica’s services are within reach of numerous communities, reflecting its mission to serve a diverse client base.

In summary, OneAmerica’s journey from a humble beginning to a robust financial institution mirrors the growth and challenges of the American financial landscape. With a strong focus on life insurance, retirement services, and asset management, the company continues to play a pivotal role in the financial wellbeing of countless individuals and businesses. Its significant employee base and widespread locations further solidify its position as a key player in the industry, poised to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

OneAmerica’s Products and Services 

Range of Offerings

OneAmerica’s suite of products and services is diverse and comprehensive, catering to a wide spectrum of financial needs and life stages. These offerings are categorized into three primary domains: insurance, retirement plans, and asset management, each meticulously designed to provide security and financial growth for clients.

  • Insurance: OneAmerica’s insurance portfolio includes life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care solutions. Life insurance policies range from term life, catering to short-term needs, to whole and universal life insurance, offering lifelong coverage and financial flexibility. Disability insurance provides income protection, ensuring financial stability in the event of unforeseen health issues. Additionally, long-term care insurance addresses the costs associated with extended medical care, preserving clients’ savings and assets.
  • Retirement Plans: The company offers an array of retirement solutions, including 401(k) plans, pension plans, and annuities. These products are designed to help individuals and employers plan for retirement, with options for tax-advantaged savings, income streams, and investment growth.
  • Asset Management: OneAmerica’s asset management services focus on wealth accumulation and preservation. This includes a variety of investment options and strategies, managed by experienced professionals, tailored to meet the diverse risk profiles and financial goals of clients.

Unique Selling Points

    What distinguishes OneAmerica in a competitive market are several key factors:

    • Integrated Solutions: OneAmerica provides a seamless integration of insurance and financial services, allowing clients to address multiple financial needs under one umbrella.
    • Customization and Flexibility: The company stands out for its ability to tailor products to individual client needs. This flexibility ensures that each client’s financial plan is as unique as their circumstances.
    • Longevity and Stability: With a long history in the financial sector, OneAmerica offers a sense of stability and reliability, backed by a strong track record of financial performance and resilience.
    • Innovative Approach: The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development of new products and services to meet the evolving needs of clients.

    Customer Experience

      The quality of customer experience at OneAmerica is a cornerstone of its reputation. The company is known for:

      • Quality Customer Service: Clients experience a high level of service with accessible, knowledgeable, and responsive support teams. This includes personalized consultations and ongoing support throughout the customer journey.
      • Accessibility: OneAmerica provides multiple channels for customer interaction, including online platforms, mobile applications, and direct communication with representatives, ensuring clients can access services and support when and how they need it.
      • Client Education and Resources: The company places a strong emphasis on client education, offering extensive resources and tools to help clients understand their financial options and make informed decisions.

      In summary, OneAmerica’s products and services are designed to offer comprehensive, flexible financial solutions. The company’s unique selling points, including its integrated approach, customization, and customer-centric focus, set it apart in the financial services industry. The commitment to providing a high-quality customer experience further reinforces OneAmerica’s position as a trusted financial partner.

      OneAmerica’s Financial Stability

      A deep dive into OneAmerica’s recent financial statements reveals a company that stands robust in its economic standing. The analysis of its profit and loss statements and growth trends offers a panoramic view of its financial health.


      • Profitability: OneAmerica has consistently demonstrated strong profitability. This is a reflection not just of sound financial management but also of the company’s ability to adapt to market dynamics and evolve its product offerings effectively. The profit margins are indicative of efficient operations and a strong customer base.
      • Revenue Growth: The company has shown a steady upward trajectory in revenue growth. This growth is attributed to an expanding clientele, diversification of financial products, and strategic market positioning. It signifies OneAmerica’s capacity to capture and respond to emerging market opportunities.
      • Financial Stability: OneAmerica’s balance sheets reflect a strong financial foundation, with a healthy ratio of assets to liabilities. This stability is crucial in the financial services industry, assuring clients and investors of the company’s capability to manage risks and sustain operations over the long term.
      • Investment Performance: The company’s investment portfolio, a significant component of its asset management business, has shown commendable performance, balancing risk and returns effectively.

      Individual Life Insurance Products

      As a leading life insurance carrier, OneAmerica is one of the small groups of life insurance companies that offer a more complete portfolio of life insurance products. Whether your need is an affordable death benefit or if you prefer a life insurance retirement plan (LIRP), OneAmerica has the product on hand that will provide you with solutions.

      Whole Life Insurance

      Many individuals and families choose whole life insurance for lifetime insurance protection and to create a retirement plan that will provide a considerable stream of tax-exempt income. In fact, a participating whole life insurance policy guarantees a growing cash value that policyholders can use for any reason during their lifetime.

      Through the considerable cash accumulation and guaranteed death benefit, OneAmerica’s whole life insurance product can deliver at least three very important financial solutions:

      • Withdrawal strategies for when you retire:

      Whole life insurance can be a powerful tool to help you meet your retirement income goals. When used in conjunction with other retirement assets, your whole life can potentially increase your retirement income by 30% to 50%.

      • Pension Solutions:

      When a retired employee passes away, their pension plan can provide continuing retirement income for a surviving spouse. However, this option often comes at the cost of reduced retirement income for the employee.

      When a spouse or family member dies, it is devastating. The last thing you want to worry about is money. However, survivor benefits can provide financial security during this difficult time. Learn how to structure survivor benefits with whole life insurance to gain flexibility, potentially pass more wealth to heirs, and the ability to choose from multiple survivor options.

      • Social Security Strategies

      The death of a spouse can have a significant impact on the social security benefits of the surviving spouse. Social security offers survivor options, but these may be reduced or eliminated entirely depending on the circumstances. Whole life insurance can provide the necessary funds to make up for any loss of benefits.

      Variable Universal Life Insurance

      With a VUL insurance policy, you can have the best of both worlds – protection and the ability to accumulate cash value through participation in equity market investment options. This makes it an ideal way to help those you love to meet their ongoing financial needs in the event of your passing. Additionally, a VUL policy can also help you achieve your own personal financial goals throughout your lifetime.

      A Variable Universal Life Policy is a great choice for individuals who may be looking for:

      • Lifetime life insurance protection
      • Financial choices to accumulate wealth
      • Flexibility – life events happen to almost everyone and your VUL policy has the flexibility to adjust to your needs.
      • Tax benefits – A VUL insurance policy provides the potential to accumulate significant cash within the policy via your ability to invest in subaccounts that are tied to equity markets as you accumulate a tax-deferred benefit. 

      Term Life Insurance

      Although many individuals get group term life insurance through their employers, a group policy will generally fall short of providing a large enough death benefit that can replace your income in the event you die unexpectedly. 

      For this reason, it makes good financial sense to add coverage from an individual term policy to enhance the coverage that will be needed by your surviving loved ones.

      All OneAmerica term insurance policies offer:

      • Extremely affordable rates
      • 10, 15, 20, and 30-year term periods to choose from
      • Level premiums for the duration of the policy
      • Guaranteed death benefit for the duration of the policy
      • Tax-free death benefit

      OneAmerica’s Market Position

      OneAmerica’s position in the financial services industry is noteworthy, especially when viewed in the context of its competitors.

      • Industry Ranking: In terms of market share and industry ranking, OneAmerica holds a respectable position. It competes effectively with larger entities due to its specialized services and customer-centric approach.
      • Competitive Edge: OneAmerica distinguishes itself from competitors through its integrated financial solutions, which encompass insurance, retirement plans, and asset management. This holistic approach appeals to clients seeking comprehensive financial services under one roof.
      • Brand Recognition and Trust: The company has cultivated a strong brand, recognized for its reliability and customer-first ethos. This reputation has been instrumental in its competitive positioning, enabling it to retain and attract clients in a crowded marketplace.
      • Innovation and Adaptability: In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, OneAmerica’s ability to innovate and adapt has been a key factor in maintaining its market position. The company’s focus on emerging trends and customer needs keeps it relevant and competitive.

      In conclusion, OneAmerica’s recent financial performance highlights a picture of growth, stability, and adaptability. The company’s solid market position is a testament to its strategic approach to business, encompassing a strong focus on customer needs, continual innovation, and a comprehensive range of financial services. This robust financial foundation and strategic market positioning poise OneAmerica well for future growth and success in the financial services sector.

      The Bottom Line

       Being in business since 1877 and having high ratings and an outstanding reputation in the insurance industry are great reasons to consider OneAmerica.

      But even more than that is the company is a mutual insurance company which means the policyholders own the company. This means that instead of providing its to stockholders, the annual profits are divided among its policyholders.

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