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We are in the business of helping people. We help individuals and families save money. We help businesses reduce needless risks. We help families preserve and protect their financial future.




Performance Analysis

We consistently take a personal approach with every client to determine their needs, goals, and dreams. We then determine through analysis if their current strategy will lead to realistically reaching their goals.

Financial Consulting

We build relationships, teach financial balance, offer safe money solutions, and teach a strategy of sustainable financial security with honesty, integrity, and service.

RoadMap & Planning

We develop a retirement income financial plan that maximizes assets, minimizes taxes, and guarantees the most inflation-adjusted income possible utilizing the fewest amount of assets.



 What Others Do…


Look at your risk propensity and determine how much risk you’re willing to assume. Then, attempt to match that with a risk tolerance investment that will hopefully over time perform to your satisfaction.

They also attempt to manage poor performers and replace them over time with better performers so that hopefully when you retire they have picked the right investment products.

What We Do…


Our team focuses on minimizing your losses. We endeavor to identify the money that you have no idea you’re losing because you likely don’t completely understand how wealth management works. You incur no expense for our team performing this analysis because we cannot charge a fee. Once we have identified this money, you do not have to increase your risk tolerance in your current portfolio to enjoy this new found money.

The remarkable aspect of what it is we do for our clients is that once we have identified this lost wealth it will come back to you year after year.

Our immediate goal is to identify several of these inefficiencies in wealth accumulation models and simply stop the bleeding. We then recapture the money you had no idea you were losing add it back to your accumulated wealth using a strategy the IRS has endorsed for over 100 years so for the rest of your life you can buy everything you want to buy and never pay another federal income tax again.

Our financial strategists will focus on the WHY rather than the WHAT and always identify the PROBLEM in order to offer a SOLUTION.


LIRP - IUL or whole life

LIRP – IUL or Whole Life

Does it concern you that your retirement income could be severely impacted by your tax liability when you retire? With the amount of debt owed by the US government (taxpayers), do you really believe that you’ll pay a lower tax rate on retirement income? Are you being...
inedexed universal life for retirement planning

Why Use Indexed Universal Life for Retirement Planning

Indexed universal life insurance, when designed properly, can be an excellent savings method for investors who are eager to preserve their hard-earned income.  A type of permanent life insurance, indexed universal life (IUL) allows policyholders to accumulate a cash...
indexed universal life

Indexed Universal Life versus Variable Annuities

When comparing Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) with Variable Annuities, individuals and professionals in the higher income range typically view the IUL as being a more flexible policy than the Variable Annuity.  While both are considered life insurance company...
pacific life insurance company

Pacific Life Insurance Company Review

If you are shopping for life insurance, is it important to you that the company has all the bells and whistles along with great service and competitive rates? Of course, it is, and knowing this, we'll continue with our series of life insurance reviews so that...
IUL insurance

IUL Insurance | It Just Might Save your Retirement Plan

How’s your retirement plan working out for you? Have you ever even taken a look at it lately? Are you going to make your goals happen or are you going to fall short and have to work an additional five years. If you’re not sure how to answer this question or you don’t...

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