If you are shopping for life insurance, is it important to you that the company has all the bells and whistles along with great service and competitive rates? Of course, it is, and knowing this, we’ll continue with our series of life insurance reviews so that consumers will be afforded informed decisions before they commit to a purchase. Here, we’ll discuss one of the most well-established and highly rated life insurers; Pacific Life Insurance Company and offer a legitimate review.  

NOTE: We are not Pacific Life Insurance. If you wish to contact them, you can call the offices at (800) 800-7646 or send a message through their website at PacificLife.com. Pacific Life 700 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

About Pacific Life Insurance Company

pacific life insurance company logo Pacific Life was established over 150 years ago in 1868 by then California Governor, Leland Stanford. Pacific Life was formed with a focus on keeping its promises to policyholders who have trusted the company with their financial futures and everyday risks. This promise is vital to anyone who becomes a client of Pacific Life and translates into the company’s mission to provide financial security through products and services that will stand the test of time. Since its founding, the board of directors and management team has kept the company on a path of innovation while being accountable for the products being offered and outstanding service to policyholders and financial professionals who represent them.

Financial Strength Ratings for Pacific Life

Certainly, informed consumers have discovered that promises made do not always translate into promises kept unless the company making the promises has the financial strength when a claim is made by the policyholder. Knowing this, consumers can rely on national rating services who publish financial ratings annually for each life insurer who agrees to be audited.  Here are the financial ratings for Pacific Life Insurance Company:   

Rating AgencyFinancial RatingCompany Outlook
A.M. BestA+ (Superior)Stable
Fitch RatingsAA- (Very Strong)Stable
Moody's Investors ServiceA1 (Good)Positive
Standard & Poor'sAA- (Very Strong)Stable

Insurance and Financial Products from Pacific Life

Pacific Life offers a complete portfolio of life insurance and financial products that can accommodate anyone who needs life insurance or investment products to solidify their financial future.

  • Term Life InsuranceTerm Life Insurance is generally used to cover temporary financial risks if the insured should die unexpectedly. Risks typically include replacement income, mortgage payoff, college expenses, personal debts, final expenses.
  • Whole Life InsuranceWhole Life Insurance is typically purchased by consumers who want the guaranteed death benefit and the consistency of level premiums and a cash-value component that earns a guaranteed minimum interest. Whole Life is also used in corporate plans, life insurance trusts, and infinite banking plans.
  • Universal Life Insurance – Universal Life (UL) is the insurance product that consumers choose when looking for a guaranteed death benefit combined with a cash-value component but also the flexibility to alter monthly premiums and/or death benefit to accommodate life events.
  • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) – Indexed Universal Life is a very popular life insurance product and investment product. The cash account in the policy can be linked to the performance of stock market indices and the cash account earns money based on that performance but never loses money because of market very poor performances like what happened in 2008.
  • Variable Universal Life (VUL) – The VUL is a popular choice for investors wanting the ability to allocate their cash account among purely market-driven guaranteed investment options. The flexibility of the VUL allows the investor to regulate his or her policy allocations to meet lifetime investment goals.

Each of the above-mentioned insurance products can also be enhanced by using various insurance riders that will broaden the policy’s coverage and provide living benefits. Depending on your state, there are various optional coverages that can truly help you customize your insurance coverage according to your circumstances and budget.

Financial Products

For individuals and families who wish to plan for their financial future using a conservative investment strategy, Pacific Life offers an assortment of annuities and mutual funds.

  • Variable Annuities – Variable annuities are designed to provide a monthly income during retirement years but can also provide for surviving loved ones through a guaranteed death benefit.
  • Fixed Annuities – Fixed annuities are a popular choice for investors looking for certainty. The money you invest will grow at a fixed interest rate and you will not lose any money because you are not invested in the markets.
  • Fixed Index Annuities – Fixed indexed annuities offer tax-deferred growth due based on market indices each year without the risk of losing money because your indices did not perform well.
  • Deferred Income Annuities – Deferred Income Annuities are designed to provide a reliable income stream that begins on a future date and cast last for a lifetime.
  • Immediate Annuities – An immediate annuity is for an investor who prefers to invest a large amount of money and begin taking withdrawals as soon as the following year.
  • Mutual Funds – Pacific Life has a group of mutual funds referred to as Pacific Funds that are designed for growth, diversification and income generation.


What customers are saying about Pacific Life

customer feedback logo   Most consumers ask family members and friends who they recommend for life insurance and investment products, and that’s a good thing. However, if you prefer not to share that you are considering life insurance or are doing some financial planning, why not take a look at what others are saying online?  Here’s what we found out about Pacific Life:

  • Yahoo.com – Pacific Life ranked #1 for IUL (4 out of 5 stars)
  • Consumers Advocate – Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars for Annuities
  • J.D. Power – Rated 3 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction survey
  • Consumer Affairs – Rated 3 out of 5 stars


Frequently asked Questions

What are Pacific Life’s financial ratings?

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Pacific Life continually ranks very high with all the national rating services
A.M Best A+
Moody’s A1
Standard & Poor’s AA-
Fitch Ratings AA-

Does Pacific Life get good consumer ratings?

Yes. Pacific Life receives very good ratings for consumer feedback at J.D. Power, Consumer Affairs, Yahoo.com, and Consumer Advocate.

How can I get a free and confidential quote from Pacific Life?

contact us

We will be happy to provide quotes from Pacific Life and other highly-rated carriers. You can contact us through our website and an insurance professional will be in touch.

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